A shared inbox built around conversations, not tickets. Bring context to every conversation to boost productivity and build long term relationships
Inbox Zero, Finally

Email overload: tame the beast

Mismanaging your team email is causing missed opportunities and reduction in productivity. Get your email under control and respond quicker with more information with a unified view of your conversation
The Most Important Digital Channel

Meet your customers when they are ready to act

Email is still the most important channel and where most customers are likely to take meaningful next steps. We make sure you are setup for the best interations with any of your customers and partners.
Accountability Now

Eyes on the prize

Know exactly where every interaction left off in your communications, who was the last person to handle an issue, and what needs to happen next. Thatch is organized and clear

Tons of Great Features

Communicate across SMS, Phone, Physical Mail, Fax and Email. Know every interaction.
advanced search
Search operators to find what you need, fast with contextual search in less than 50 ms
Collision Detection
Typing indicators for any messages to see if a teammate is already responding to a message
email tracking
Know as soon as someone opens your email and when they read it. Know when to follow up
Assign conversations to specific team members so its clear who is responsible
Reply faster with reusable and customizable snippets to easily send messages in a personal way
Customers love it

The Bottom Line is the Bottom Line.

Stories you can use to help your business. Smart companies are using Thatch. We hope these stories will inspire you on your next Company leap.
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Lotus West grew fast, and needed technology to help keep them going. Enter Thatch.

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Quarry was struggling. They had difficulty managing and organizing large volumes of physical documents, delays in responding to customer queries.

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