Online Fax

Share your fax number with your entire group or just within one department. Easy to use and incredibly secure.
Compliance, easily

Stay compliant with your secure partners

Faxing is integral for finance, health care, and government. Unleash your team to communicate easily with these partners in an integrated channel.

Thatch's online fax solution is the easiest to use and secure for your business data.
online fax
Maintain your process

Convenience for you, even if your partners live in the stone age

Make your life simpler by digitizing all your incoming faxes and outgoing faxes, making them searchable and make communicating with your partners in the way that they need to maintain security.
Built for teams

Everyone on the same page

Share fax services across your entire enterprise or silo your secure the data to relevant teams. Build your communications the way you want.

Tons of Great Features

email to fax
Attach PDFs and other documents in an email that will send directly to any and all fax recipients
keep your number
Currently using a fax service? Upgrade to Thatch for a better experience without losing your existing fax number
unlimited storage
Your files online, forever for free. Never worry about losing your important team data again.
integrated communication
Maintain a true history of all your communications across all channels: email, phone, sms, fax, and physical mail
secure and confidential
All faxes are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and your data is protected in transit with TLS 1.3
full text search
Search your faxes as easily as your search your email with full text search of all your documents
Customers love it

The Bottom Line is the Bottom Line.

Stories you can use to help your business. Smart companies are using Thatch. We hope these stories will inspire you on your next Company leap.
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Lotus West grew fast, and needed technology to help keep them going. Enter Thatch.

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Quarry was struggling. They had difficulty managing and organizing large volumes of physical documents, delays in responding to customer queries.

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