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February 13, 2023

Does Fedex Deliver Letters?

Yes! Fedex will deliver letters. They will deliver anything that you want sent around the globe. Fedex will even provide the envelope so you can just bring in your letter and package it at a Fedex location.

FedEx is mostly known for its package delivery service but the company does offer a letter delivery service as well. FedEx Express Saver is the sevice you want, it is designed for customers who need to send important letters and documents that require a quick and reliable delivery.

FedEx Express Saver delivers letters within three business days to most locations in the United States and other countries. This service is particularly useful for customers who need to send confidential or time-sensitive documents, as FedEx provides a secure and trackable delivery solution. It can be seen as more reliable than regular USPS for importnat documents.

You can use the FedEx Express Saver service by either dropping off their letters at a FedEx location or by scheduling a pickup.

It may be easiest to use the FedEx online shipping tool to create shipping labels and track their shipments.

Although the FedEx Express Saver service is their main letter delivery service, the company also offers several other shipping options for letters, including FedEx First Overnight and FedEx 2Day. These services provide faster guaranteed delivery times for customers who need their letters delivered even quicker.

FedEx is a reliable and convenient so if your document is important, its generally seen as the safest option to reliably deliver letters. If you look at the shipping options, including the FedEx Express Saver service, you can probably find the right service level for your package needs.

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