December 8, 2022

How Does an eFax Work?

Has anyone recently asked you to send a fax to them? 

Before you say that traditional fax machines are retired and the fax is a remnant of times gone by, let’s remember how advanced the fax was in its time.  

In the 80s, the traditional fax revolutionized how businesses sent documents.

The phone line provided the vehicle to view faxes, and the fax number became the item to have on business cards. However, as technology changed, this way of working lost its appeal. 

But fax messages have made a comeback digitally by using the internet and cloud-based services accessible anywhere, anytime you need to send faxes. 

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Goodbye Fax Machine, Hello eFax

It’s so simple to convert to efax that you can be ready in the time it takes to read this article. 

You can join other digitally innovative businesses and throw out the old way of sending and receiving faxes.

Internet faxing is pretty clever. Wikipedia explains that it is the use of internet protocols to send a fax rather than the standard phone line. [1] 

To get started, you need a fax messenger system that will provide a way to send and receive faxes online.

The following steps will lead to a cost-effective set-up:

#1 Sign up for an eFax account

To receive fax messages digitally, log into a provider website that offers internet faxing and create an account. 

Some platforms will offer a free service and others will charge a monthly fee to store your information securely on their servers. 

A platform like Thatch allows you to go beyond just fax messages and gives you the option of a virtual phone system without the hardware.  If you’re going to convert, why not go all the way?

#2 Decide on how you want to send and receive faxes

An internet faxing account will give you multiple ways to send and receive documents. This allows you to use existing modes of communication, keeping costs down.

Send a fax using a secure online portal

To send and receive faxes, log into the efax service portal and follow the simple prompts. You can utilize this option anywhere you have internet access. The fax numbers of your contacts can be stored on the same portal for easy access anytime you need it.

Fax messages via desktop or an efax mobile app

A simple install of the efax software is all that’s necessary to send faxes and there are no hidden software costs. With your efax account, you will get access to one portal that will guide all your fax messages to the right place.

Using the new fax option, compose your documents, upload attachments, enter the recipient’s fax number and hit the send button.  When you receive fax documents, they will be placed on the user page and you will be able to sort them according to your viewer preference. 

Online fax services support many file types, such as JPEG and PDF. If you have a printed document, simply scan it and save it as a PDF. Now it’s ready to attach the email. 

Working on a mobile device gives you the convenience of having the efax service in your pocket 24/7. Start by downloading a faxing service app from the App Store or Google Play. Within minutes you will be ready to send and receive faxes. 

The mobile app will allow you to create new faxes and manage your incoming messages via a user-friendly interface. You can also scan a document using your phone camera. The steps to create and send fax messages are minimal and you will be able to attach documents saved on your device or from internet platforms like Google Drive. 

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Fax messages via an email account

Online fax service providers are numerous.  Any number of these services are available by searching fax to email services.  Simply create a new email and the software will convert it into a fax on the recipient's side. 

Having your messages in one space is key when using different platforms. Thatch has ways for you to achieve this in your business. A bonus is you can test this service for free for seven days.

What are the benefits of eFax?

The frustration of an engaged fax number, waiting around for the line to get clear and then finding your fax crumpled is well known. An efax account will rid you of these hassles and make sending and receiving faxes simple.

A faxing service can eliminate the use of a fax machine, toner cartridges, fax phone lines and maintenance costs.  

Using multiple platforms such as the internet, a mobile app or an email account to send faxes can increase your productivity because there is no downtime. It’s a win-win for your business. 

When sending multiple documents, the digital option outperforms its traditional counterpart.  The previously impossible becomes easy, even with the most basic fax service option.

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Sending faxes electronically has some drawbacks to consider as well:

  • You will need a reliable internet connection with speeds between 25-100 Mbps
  • The recipient’s fax machine may not be able to hand the documents sizes you send 
  • Your customer may not have the same services set up 
  • The quality of the document can be challenging if the equipment on the recipient’s side is not up to date

Costs of an eFax account

When it comes to the costs involved in internet faxing, it emerges as a clear winner against the traditional fax machine. Fax machines have many direct and indirect costs associated with their use. For example, maintenance costs become higher as the machine ages.

The competition between virtual faxing services means they keep their pricing plans reasonably priced.  Most providers will offer a monthly price plan that costs a few euros or dollars a month.

For this fee, they provide you with a space on their cloud servers to securely store and access your faxes, so this means no more keeping paper copies.

Organization of documents, including faxes, may not be an obvious consideration.  However, businesses lose a substantial amount of time and money each year through incorrect document filing that cannot be found again. 

Solve the problem today by signing up for a service like Thatch that integrates all your customer documentation and contacts on one platform.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org

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