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February 13, 2023

How to Send a Copy of a Letter by Email

People still want snail mail. It is considered more official, even though its not, probably less official than other means of communicating. But some lawyers and company absolutely DEMAND that a physical letter is sent so that a communication is deemed official.

Sending a message by email is faster, easier and makes more sense for everyone involved.

There are several services available that allow you to send mail online, but Thatch is considered the best. Automating the process and making it even easier. In this article, we will discuss some of these services and the benefits of sending a letter in a manner that is as close to email as possible.

Easiest Way to Send a Letter by Email

The best way to accomplish sending letters by email is to create your letter in word, add your address, the recipient address, and make everything look official like a real letter. Sign the letter with a signature tool online, then PDF the document, so it looks like you were going to mail the letter. You can learn to send mail online or send an email to your recipient with the attachment of the letter. It makes it seem like this is a letter that is getting send to their address. Lawyers do this all the time! 

With an email service like Gmail, you can attach files such as PDFs or Word documents to your email and send them to any recipient with an email address.

In addition to directly in an email client, there are also several automated email services that can help you send a letter online. These services use technology to automate the process, making it even easier and faster to send mail. For example, Thatch is a popular physical mail delivery service that allows you to create and send lettersto a large number of recipients. With Thatch, you can design custom templates, send marketing campaigns, and track the performance of your mail.

Maintain Compliance by Sending Mail Online

Sending mail online or through email helps you and your business with compliance. There are notification rules in every industries and specific rules how you send and the backup you must keep regarding sent mail.

Sending a letter online or by email is a fast, efficient, and convenient method of communication. By using services such as Gmail, Outlook, or Thatch, you can automate the process and save time and energy compared to manual postal methods. Whether you are sending a letter to one person or a large group of people, these services make it easy and convenient to send mail by email to enforce compliance in your organization and maintain backups for any communication.

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