February 9, 2023

How to Send a Fax from iPhone

Wanna know how to have a portable fax machine in your pocket?  If you own an iPhone, you can make this happen.  Keep reading. 


A fax sends a document or image electronically from one location to another via phone lines. While fax machines were once popular, the rise of email and other digital communication methods has made them less common. 

There are still many instances where sending a fax may be necessary, such as interactions with the healthcare industry, legal field and government. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of using your iPhone to send faxes, such as:

  • Cost savings - You never have to buy a fax machine, paper or toner or pay for a phone line
  • Convenience - Fax can be sent anytime, and it is not dependent on geographical location. 
  • Ease of use - No more jammed-up machines, toner spills and endless noise
  • Confidentiality - Only the recipient will have access to the fax

Sound good?  Well, let’s get straight into it, then. 

How to Send Fax From an iPhone - Step-by-step

Step 1 - Requirements for Sending a Fax From Your iPhone

To send a fax, there are two main requirements.  You will need either a wireless internet connection or mobile phone data and a fax app or online fax service

Step 2 - Setting Up a Fax App On Your iPhone

You will find the iPhone Fax App in the Apple Store, but you must pay a subscription fee to use the service.  You will be asked to choose a subscription once you download the app.  Below you can find the costs of the services.  

Source: Apple.com

Step 3 - Sending a Fax Using a Fax App

The app is very versatile and allows you to use your camera to scan a document and then edit it.  You can choose an image from:

  • The photo library
  • Another app
  • iCloud.  

The app will guide you through the process, depending on your choice.  Using it is not more difficult than other iPhone apps, as most have similar prompts.

When your document is ready, tap ‘Send Faxes’ to transmit the fax.  If any errors occur, a notification message will appear on your screen.  Once it has been sent, the fax can be found in the ‘Sent Faxes’ folder.

Other features include:

  • Preview the document before sendingTap on ‘Cover Page’ to send a professional cover page for your document
  • A dedicated fax number to receive faxes
  • The ability to send any file as a fax (PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG & TIFF, HTML)
  • Import documents from Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud)

This app will allow you to receive and send faxes to 90+ international locations. It offers advanced scanning and image processing and the ability to combine multiple documents in a single fax. [1]  

Tips and Tricks

Always preview your document before you send it to check the quality of your document and the correct number of pages.  

Check the recipient’s fax number before pressing ‘Send.’  Incorrect fax numbers are a common cause of transmission errors.

Alternative Options for Fax using iPad or Mac

- Online Fax Services

You may find working with documents on a small screen difficult.  In that case, you can also try an online fax service that can be accessed via a web-based portal. A device with a bigger screen, such as your iPad or Mac, will provide you with a way to look at the details of your documents accurately. 

There are various online fax services available that also provide an integrated app for your iPhone:

  1. eFax - Send and receive faxes through email, a web browser, or a mobile app.
  2. Myfax - Ability to send and receive faxes through email, a web browser, or mobile
  3. Hellofax - Allows you to send and receive faxes through email, a web browser, or a mobile app, with the option to sign documents electronically.
  4. Ring Central Fax - Ability to send and receive faxes through email, a web browser, or a mobile app.

Thatch has an innovative platform that is an alternative to these online fax services.  We have provided a secure space for health services, government and the financial industry to consolidate customer communication.

Even if you’re currently using a fax service, you can upgrade with TryThatch and not lose your existing fax number.  Say goodbye to multiple platforms to manage your customer communication, and sign up with us today for a free trial.


Moving from an actual fax machine to a free fax app is as easy as sending a text message. In three steps, you can be ready for iPhone faxing.  Let’s recap:

1. Get connected to the internet or mobile data

2. Download the fax app from the Apple Store and choose a subscription

3. Set up your account and send a fax using the options provided

Should you experience any difficulties with the app installation or using an online fax service, the support team will assist you through the online chat support available. 

The simplicity of the process may mask the powerful advantages you will get in a short time when trying this way of sending faxes.  Digital faxing has improved business efficiency and saved millions of businesses worldwide costs and time. 

Try out this technology today by following this quick guide - there is literally no risk involved other than the time it takes to send your first fax.  

If you want more information about faxes and how to use an efax service, read Fax vs. eFax - What’s the difference?


[1] https://apps.apple.com/us

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