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February 10, 2023

PO Box vs. Virtual Address - Which One Do You Really Need?

As a business owner, you already know that the more credible you are, the higher your sales will be. That is why a virtual address or a PO box number is an excellent choice to reassure any customer or potential client that they are dealing with real people and a real business. A PO Box by contrast sends the signal that you are an unreliable enterprise hiding behind anonymity.

But how can you decide which is best for your business when both have advantages? To help clear the confusion, we'll outline the key distinctions between PO boxes and virtual addresses below to make sure you make the right decision for your this blog post.

What Is a PO Box

A PO Box is a physical location where you can receive mail. Typically, it’s located in a local post office, and it might have an actual street address associated with it.

Use a PO Box to keep your personal and business mail separate. In exchange for a fee, your business mail will be stored at the post office until you are ready to collect it.

Benefits of Using a PO Box

A P.O. Box address can be used on business cards, websites, and marketing materials. This can be especially valuable for home-based businesses or businesses with a temporary location. Postal offices can also give customers a way to contact you if they cannot visit your street address.

In addition, a PO Box address can provide privacy for individuals who do not want their home or business addresses listed publicly. They can also be used to receive mail if you are away from home for an extended period. 

What Is a Virtual Address?

A virtual address is a service that allows businesses to have a mailing address without renting or owning office space. Virtual addresses can be used for mail and package forwarding and storing important documents.

Many providers offer additional services such as live receptionist support, virtual phone systems, mailboxes, and office packages. These include a professional business address and other features such as a local phone number and voicemail.

A virtual address can be a cost-effective solution for startups and small businesses looking to establish a professional presence without the overhead of traditional office space.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Address over a PO Box

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There are several factors to consider when beginning a business, with the location being one of the most crucial. You need a place that is both inexpensive and practical for your clients.

But if a small business needs an easy and economical way to launch, a virtual business address can be the ideal solution. The following are some advantages of utilizing virtual offices:


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Virtual addresses are a convenient way to handle the logistics of running a business. If you're a business owner, you know how much time and money can be wasted on things like driving to a physical address for mail and deliveries or even just picking up the phone to talk to someone who isn't in your office.

With virtual mailbox your physical mail is as easy to access as your email. You just login on your computer and you receive full copies of every piece of mail you receive. In addition, you are notified in your email box when new mail is received.

They're also great for entrepreneurs who want to run their businesses from anywhere in the world or want to test out different locations before settling down. Get mail faster, access it quicker, and save time. A triple threat.

Professional Image

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A virtual address can provide a more professional image for your business in several ways. 

First, choosing an address can help create a sense of legitimacy for your business. If potential customers see that you have a professional address, they will be more likely to believe that your business is relevant and worth their time.

Second, a virtual address can help you project an image of success. An address in a sought-after area can give the impression that your business is doing well and t is a respected player in its industry.

Finally, a virtual address can help create a sense of stability for your business. If potential customers see that you have had the same address for a long period of time, they will be more likely to believe that your business is stable and trustworthy. Creating a professional image is essential for success in today's competitive business world.


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By using a virtual address, you can avoid the costs of renting long-term commercial leases. You'll also save on utility bills, as you won't need to heat or cool an empty office. In addition, you can eliminate the need for furniture and office equipment as everything can be done online.

It will allow you to work from anywhere in the world, which could save you money on travel expenses. Overall, virtual addresses are a great way to reduce business costs and save money.

Increased Productivity


Any delays in getting products or services due to poor customer interaction can cost a company dearly in terms of reputation and revenue. A virtual address can help increase productivity and avoid these costly delays.

Businesses can now have their mail and packages delivered to a central location where they will be sorted and shipped out quickly.

This eliminates the need for employees to waste time going to the local post office or dealing with package deliveries during the workday. In addition, businesses can use their virtual PO box to establish a presence in multiple locations without maintaining separate physical addresses.

Increased Privacy

Companies increasingly use virtual business addresses to safeguard their customers' information and important documents. It helps business owners protect their companies from hackers and identity thieves wanting to access crucial information. 

As the world becomes more digital, privacy will become even more critical. Businesses that use virtual addresses can also give their customers the peace of mind that their personal information is safe.

Which One Is Right for You?

Now that you know all the advantages of having a virtual address, it is time to consider whether it is the best option for you. Here are factors to consider before deciding whether to get a virtual address:

1 The Type and Size of Business You Have

A small business might only need a PO box, while a larger company will need a virtual address.

If you have a physical storefront, you will need a physical address so customers can find you. The size of your business will also determine the number of employees you have. A one-person operation can get by with a PO box. Still, if you have multiple employees, you will need a virtual address so they can receive mail.

2 The Amount of Mail You Receive

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If you only receive a few pieces of mail each week, a PO box may be sufficient. However, if you anticipate a larger volume of mail, a virtual PO box may be a better option. A virtual address provides a physical location where your mail can be delivered and stored. 

This can be particularly beneficial if you expect packages or must have your mail sorted and organized regularly.

3 How Often Do You Need To Check Your Mail

A PO Box may be the best option if you only need to check your mail once a week. However, a virtual address is much more convenient if you need to check your mail more frequently. 

It allows you to check your mail anytime, anywhere. And if you're traveling, you can have your mail forwarded to your current location.

4 Costs


A PO box typically costs between $60 and $100 per year, depending on the location. A virtual address, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per month.

While the monthly cost of a virtual address may be higher than that of a PO box, it is important to consider the long-term costs and the added benefits of a virtual address.

Additional Tips on Creating a Successful Virtual Address

By following these tips, you can ensure that your virtual address will be as effective as possible.

Choose a Certified Address That Is Easy To Remember and Spell

This will help with your branding efforts and make it easier for potential customers to find you. It is also important to avoid using common words or numbers that could be confused with other addresses.

Make sure your virtual address is registered with USPS and will be legally recognized. You can do this by filling out an application at Once your application has been accepted, you'll receive an email from USPS confirming your registration.

Clear Contact Information

This is where your potential customers learn how to reach you. Your contact information should include your name, business name, phone number, email address, and website address. Having clear and accurate contact information makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you and learn more about your business.

Find the Right Service for you

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First, you must ensure that your service provider is reliable and detail-oriented. After all, your virtual address is the first impression potential customers will have of your business.

Second, you must ensure they're familiar with your industry and can provide valuable insights and advice.

Have the Right Tools


Nowadays, any company should have some online presence, no matter how big or small. Because of this, having the appropriate software is crucial for successfully creating a virtual PO Box. A domain name registrar will be your first requirement. 

A powerful communication platform like Thatch, provides a digital mailbox that will help you with mail management and numerous other communication capabilities, such as a caller service. With the right tools for your virtual address, you'll be able to operate your business seamlessly.


PO boxes have been used for a very long time, but with the technological advances we’ve seen in recent years, virtual addresses are becoming increasingly popular.

And for a good reason, they offer several benefits that PO boxes simply can’t match. If you’re trying to decide between a PO box and a virtual address for your business, we hope this article has helped you see the clear advantages a virtual PO box offers.

If you have any questions or want more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you get started with your new virtual address today.

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