February 9, 2023

The Best eFax Alternatives

Online faxing services offer a valuable solution for corporations, small businesses, or even individuals looking for a reliable way of sending and receiving faxes without needing a traditional fax machine.

Many business owners or individuals use eFax because it is one of the most popular online faxing services available on the market. But remember that many other online faxing services can offer you advantages and features similar to or better than those of eFax.

This blog will explore ten of the best eFax alternatives. We will discuss the features and services provided by each platform and other relevant information to determine which eFax alternative would suit your business's needs and requirements.

Overview of eFax

eFax, founded in 1997, is renowned for delivering efficient and dependable fax services to individuals and companies globally. Its international numbers, multiple user support options, cloud storage options, and free fax numbers make it suitable for companies of any size.

Why Consider Using an eFax Alternative


Despite its reputation as the best online fax service, eFax Corporate has received numerous negative reviews from sources such as Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and PCmag. Some complaints include poor customer service, slow response times, unreliable faxing, and issues with billing, such as hidden charges, inaccurate statements, and difficult-to-cancel subscription plans. It also has an outdated user interface that could be difficult to navigate, which can be frustrating for some users.

Thanks to technological advancements, there are now multiple alternatives to eFax offering better features, improved user experience, and more affordable prices. If you're seeking a fax service with the same benefits as eFax but without its limitations, it's worth considering one of these options. [1]

The Best eFax Alternatives

Here are some of the best eFax alternatives that we recommend: 

#1 Thatch

Thatch provides one of the most powerful online fax services today. It has a very easy-to-use interface, and it's great for small businesses and large organizations looking to send faxes via the internet. It offers features you'd expect from a high-end online faxing service, such as the ability to attach PDFs and other documents.

With Thatch, you can send and receive faxes quickly, all in one place, without worrying about confidential information going missing. It's all encrypted, so only you and the recipient will ever see your data. Thatch offers unlimited and highly secure fax storage space that lets you keep all your faxes in one place. 

Finally, Thatch offers a comprehensive solution for your business communication needs, making it the ideal choice for your business. It combines an online faxing service, a phone and SMS system, and a virtual mailbox into one centralized platform. Even after switching and upgrading to Thatch, your clients will still be able to easily reach you, as Thatch allows you to keep your current fax number.


Thatch has three options for paid plans that cost $19 per user per month for the basic plan, $29 per user per month for the professional program, and a heavy plan that costs $39 per user per month - which is perfect for large businesses. It also has a 7-day free trial, so you can test the service before committing to any plan.

#2 HelloFax


Hellofax provides a practical and dependable substitute for conventional fax machines with its simplicity of use, cost efficiency, and robust security features. Thanks to the service's user-friendly and straightforward user interface, you can send and receive faxes quickly and effortlessly. 

To transmit a document as a fax, upload it, enter the recipient's fax number, and press the send button. Faxes can include an electronic signature, doing away with the necessity for a physical signature. You can do so by setting up a dedicated fax number and giving it out to clients, partners, or customers who need it.


HelloFax offers four pricing plans: free, home office, professional, and small business. The free plan has five free fax pages per month for one user. The plan's pricing ranges from $9.99 to $39.99 a month.

#3 MetroFax

Source: metrofax.com

MetroFax is an excellent choice for businesses looking for an online fax service that's reliable and affordable. With its robust feature set and excellent customer support, it's sure to meet all your needs. The platform is easy to use and offers email integration, mobile apps, digital signature tools, two-factor authentication, and international fax numbers. It also has a wide range of security measures to protect your data.


The online fax service provides a range of packages to meet the demands of every type of company. Their pricing starts from $9.96 per month to $31.63 per month. Additionally, you can be guaranteed that your monthly fee will include everything you anticipated because there are no hidden or activation fees.

#4 FAX Plus


FAX Plus is an excellent option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use online fax service that's reliable and secure. Its support for multiple platforms makes it even more attractive to those who need to send or receive incoming faxes quickly and securely.

It also offers HIPAA-compliant plans for those who need them and support for Google applications like Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail. Additionally, you can send faxes from your iPhone or Android device with the FAX Plus app available on Google Play. 


There are four different price points available. The monthly cost for the Basic plan is $6.99, the Premium plan is $13.99, the Business plan is $27.99, and the Enterprise plan is $79.99. Additionally, if you choose to pay annually, there are lower rates available.

#5 SRFax

Source: srfax.com

SRFax offers a range of features that make faxing easy and efficient. The platform's drag-and-drop feature makes it simpler to upload and attach files than most online fax services, and the intuitive interface ensures sending faxes can be completed with just a few clicks. 

With its web-based interface, you can send and receive faxes from any mobile device with an internet connection. The platform also offers robust security measures, such as end-to-end encryption, to protect your confidential information. 

In terms of performance, SRFax consistently delivers high-quality faxes. The platform uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that even large files are sent and received quickly and accurately. 


The setup fee costs $11.45 per month for 200 incoming and outgoing fax pages. This makes it one of the most affordable options on the market while still providing quality service and features. SRFax offers additional plans with higher page limits at different prices and a lower price for long-term commitments.

#6 Nextiva vFAX


This online fax service is straightforward to use. It's easy and simple to log into the portal, giving you instant access to all your settings and documents. You can also set up a fax bridge using your current fax machine.

Additionally, sending an internet fax is as simple as filling out the forms with the necessary data. Many tools and services are also available through the online faxing service, including sales tools, service tools, and numerous more integrated business apps.


It has three pricing structures that range from $25.95 to $40.95 per user per month. You can get discounts by paying annually and by having more users on your subscription plan.

#7 FaxZero


FaxZero is one of the best online fax services for anyone who needs to send occasional faxes without paying hefty fees for each transmission. It's fast, secure, and easy to use, making it perfect for personal and business use. The online faxing solution allows you to attach multiple file formats, including DOC, PDF, PNG, JPG, HTML, and more.

Plus, you can add information such as receivers' names, companies, and more. The best part about FaxZero is that it's almost free to send faxes within the US and Canada. For international faxes, there is a fee of just a few dollars.


FaxZero offers a free and paid service, with the free faxing option allowing you to send up to 5 pages per day at no cost. The premium option, on the other hand, costs $2.09. If you are sending faxes internationally, it will cost you $3.63 for 15 pages.

#8 mFax


mFax is an ideal solution for businesses looking for an easy way to manage their faxing needs without investing in a physical fax machine or software. With its intuitive web portal and dedicated mobile app, companies can easily send and receive secure faxes from anywhere at any time.

The service also offers an intuitive web portal, making it easy to send and receive fax documents anywhere. The portal includes other features, such as real-time notification when a fax has been sent or received and the ability to view sent/received faxes from any device. Plus, you can even schedule faxes to be sent later if needed.


It offers a variety of setup fees to suit different business sizes and needs. The Solo plan is ideal for individuals and costs $12 per month with 250 pages per month and one user included. The Team plan is best for small teams and costs $29 per month, with 500 pages per month and up to 5 users. For larger businesses, mFax also offers Business plans that come with 2500 pages/month and 50 users, which costs $59

#9 FaxFile

Source: play.google.com

When it comes to fast and convenient faxing from mobile devices, FaxFile is known as one of the best online fax services. With its simple setup process and reliable delivery system, it's a great way to ensure that all of your important documents are received promptly.

Their mobile app is incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is download the fax app, select the document you want to fax, enter the recipient's fax number, and hit send. You'll get a confirmation when your fax has been sent successfully. FaxFile also supports sending multiple documents at once, so you can quickly get all of your documents sent without having to go through the process multiple times.


The mobile app is free, but you must purchase fax credits to send faxes. Credit prices start at $2.99 for 50 credits and are accessible through the iOS app store or Google Play. Within the US, each page costs 10 credits to send.

#10 ifax

Source: ifaxapp.com

Ifax is perfect for businesses with multiple employees who need to collaborate on projects and assignments. The fax service mobile app allows you to send and receive faxes and manage your contacts and accounts.

You can also create groups by company or team so that everyone stays in the loop with every message sent. It's also HIPAA compliant, ensuring secure transmission of sensitive patient records, financial statements, and legal documents. [2]


The free plan includes up to 5 pages per month and no overage fees. The Plus plan starts at $16.67 per month and includes up to 500 pages per month, while the Professional plan costs $25.00 per month and lets you send up to 1000 pages per month.


Whether you're a small business owner, freelancer, or someone needing a reliable fax service, these alternatives are worth considering. With the right choice, you can streamline your faxing process, reduce costs, and ensure the security of your essential documents.

The eFax alternatives mentioned above come with varying features and pricing options, so it's essential to compare them thoroughly before making your final choice. By evaluating your needs and budget, you can confidently find an eFax alternative that fits all of your criteria.

Take the first step towards transforming your business by contacting us at Thatch today. Our team is ready and eager to assist you in discovering the benefits of our services and answer any inquiries you may have. Take advantage of this opportunity to take your business to the next level!!


1 - https://www.trustpilot.com

2 - https://www.cdc.gov

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