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February 11, 2023

Using a UPS Store as a Virtual Business Address: A Complete Guide

A UPS Store is a great place to have mail sent to, and much better than a PO Box in most cases. You can get packages at a UPS Store, have a real street address, and have staff that will answer the phone. For businesses its another story. There are some benefits to having your mail sent to a UPS Store, but its not always the best option to use get a ups store virtual address for your business.

Thatch offers a virtual mailbox which is like a UPS Store mailbox rental, but we scan and index all your incoming mail, as well as provide a chain-of-custody of your mail so you always know the when/where/how/why of each piece so you have full auditability. This is what you need for your business, but if you want a local solution see the UPS Store Info below!

Complete Guide to a UPS Virtual Address

UPS Store Mailbox Costs

First thing to consider is the cost. The UPS Store typically charges anywhere from $10 to $30 per month, depending on the size of the mailbox, the location, and the services included. For your monthly price you get a real street address and can use it as your official mailing address on business cards, websites, marketing materials and something to give to your customers. You can also receive and have them hold packages from any carrier, including UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service. A PO Box may not always accept packages from all carriers, so this is the main advantage of a UPS Store vs a PO Box. See this link if you want to read more about business PO Boxes.

Benefits of a UPS Store Virtual Business Address

One of the key benefits of using a UPS Store as a virtual business address is improved credibility in front of your customers and partners. It looks much better to show them a street address in a nice area instead of maybe what is going on behind the scenes. By having a street address, businesses can appear more established and professional to customers, partners, and suppliers. This can be especially important for businesses that operate online or have a virtual presence, as it gives them a physical location to associate with their brand.

Another benefit of using a UPS Store as a virtual business address is enhanced security. With a mailbox rental, businesses can receive packages and mail in a secure, monitored location, rather than having them delivered to a home or office address. This can be especially useful for businesses that receive sensitive or valuable items, as it reduces the risk of theft or loss.

Another advantage of using a UPS Store is the ability to manage mail and packages more efficiently. With a mailbox rental, businesses can have packages held for pickup, forwarded to a different address, or shipped directly to their customers. They can also schedule package pickups and choose from a variety of shipping options, making it easier to manage the flow of goods.

Issues with a UPS Store Virtual Business Address

Despite the benefits, there are some concerns that need to be considered when using a UPS Store as a virtual business address. One of the main concerns is cost. Depending on the services needed, the cost of a mailbox rental can add up quickly, especially for businesses that receive a high volume of packages or mail. It's important to consider the cost of a mailbox rental in relation to the benefits it provides, and weigh this against alternative options, such as using a PO box or renting office space.

Another concern is access. While UPS Stores are generally open during regular business hours, there may be times when a business needs to access its mailbox outside of these hours. It's important to check the access policy of the UPS Store where a business plans to rent a mailbox, and ensure that it meets their needs.

Finally, it's important to consider privacy. While a UPS Store offers a more secure way of receiving packages and mail, it's still possible for others to see what a business is receiving. For businesses that handle sensitive information, it's important to consider the privacy implications of using a UPS Store, and whether alternative arrangements, such as having packages shipped directly to a secure location, would be more appropriate.

Should You Do It, No!

A UPS Store can be a useful solution for businesses that need a virtual address. By renting a mailbox, businesses can receive mail and packages under a street address, appear more established and professional, and manage mail and packages more efficiently. However, it's important to consider the cost, access, and privacy implications before making a decision, and weigh the benefits against alternative options.

UPS Mailbox for business purposes FAQ

What is the typical UPS Mailbox Cost?

A ups mailbox typically costs between $10 - $50 per month. Their pricing depends on the physical address location quality, as well as the mailbox size you choose. The typical price by mailbox sizes are below:

  • small - $10 - $30 per month
  • medium - $20 - $40 per month
  • large - $30 - $50 per month

How is a Private Mailbox at a UPS Store better than a Post Office Box?

There are three main benefits to a UPS Store that people will generally prefer a UPS Mailbox over a PO Box address.

  • A UPS Mailbox allows you to receive packages from more carriers, and they are able to hold large packages longer and with more ease.
  • A UPS Mailbox mailing address provides a street business address as your new address. This provides a more professional image than with a PO Box
  • Mail forwarding services are provided on top of the private mailbox rental giving you a semi virtual mailbox, although since they will not provide scanning services its not a true virutal mailbox

What mailbox services to UPS Mailboxes offer?

The main additional benefit of a ups mailbox is that there are no long lines like at the post office. But they do provide additional services like package notification, allows receipt of packages from other carriers than the USPS. Other things to think about is not really a service but you can have 24 hour access to your mail, and they have some other non private mailbox services when you go into a store during business hours like fax service, notary services, and passport photos.

What is the difference between a Virtual Mailbox and UPS Mailboxes?

The main difference between a virtual mailbox and a local ups store is that a virtual mailbox provides all your information online so you don't have to go to a physical location to view your business mail. They will both act as your business address, which is better than using po boxes. Other things to consider is chain of custody which is important if you need to know exact times and dates you are using a business mailbox for legal documents.

You need to know exactly when and what time you've received mail. A ups box will not do this for you.

Will a Physical UPS location act as a virtual office?

No, a UPS stores cannot be used for virtual offices since there are no meeting rooms or reception area, or telecommunications services apart from sending a fax for you. You should consider a coworking space if you need a physical location, or go completely virtual with an offline communications suite like Thatch offers. Your mailbox will act as a UPS virtual business address to use on your business cards, website, and letterhead.

What is the difference in the box sizes for a UPS virtual business address?

In general the box sizes for a UPS virtual business address is small, medium and large. The size you will need will depend on the expected volume of mail delivered at the location, and how often you plan to pickup your mail (or have it forwarded). If your mail fills up the box consistently, you will be required to upgrade to a large size.

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