Virtual Mailbox
February 7, 2023

Can you Use a Virtual Mailbox for a Driver's License

Can you use a virtual mailbox as your address on a driver's license.

Yes you can! If you are renewing or updating an existing license.

Most states will not allow you to use a virtual mailbox for a new license. They will want to see proof of residency prior to issuing that license to you.

In California for example you will need to provide a lease or proof of ownership in order to receive a license to drive. If you do have residency in California or any other state, you can request that your virtual address be listed on your license so that you dont need to hassle to change the address in case you plan on moving.

If you do renew or update your license, there should be no problem at the DMV and your new license will be sent to the virtual mailbox company for delivery.

There are a few "nomad friendly" states like Texas, Florida and South Dakota that make this process much easier.

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