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February 7, 2023

What Does Priority Mail Express Cost

Priority Mail Express is the fastest delivery service that the US Postal Service offers. Its also the most expensive.

Prices start at $28.75 and go all the way up to $688.20. This high rate is shipping to US Territories like Guam or Puerto Rico. Basically its based on the distances between the shipping location and the destination. If its really far away like you from Guam, expect to pay a lot for next day shipping.

Most locations that the USPS delivers to will deliver your package the next day. There are certain zones that are 2 day shipping instead of next day. That's still not bad.

The Most Cost Effective Way to Ship Priority Mail Express

If you want to reduce the headache and the mental gymnastics of the USPS zone charge. Just ship flat rate. There are three free envelopes that the USPS offers, if you can fit your items in there and it weighs less than 70 lbs, then you are good to go. Just put it in their pacakaging, don't weight it, and just pay and leave. Here are the flat rate envelopes available:

  • Flat Rate Envelope - 12-1/2" x 9-1/2" - $28.75
  • Legal Flat Rate Envelope - 15" x 9-1/2" - $28.95
  • Padded Flat Rate Envelope - 12-1/2" x 9-1/2" - $29.45

Priority Mail Express Extra Costs

If your item will not fit in those size envelopes, or you have a package, the pricing is based on weight and basically the price increases $0.10 - $0.30 per lb over 0.5 lbs. But of course there are restrictions and fine print.

  • 22 - 40 inches in any side of the box - Add $4.00
  • 30 inches and above - Add $15.00
  • Over 2 cu feet - Add $25.00
  • Sunday / Holiday - Add $12.50

Calculate Cubic Feet for Priority Mail Express Prices

Asking a retail customer to know what 2 cu feet is a bit ridiculous, but if you dont want to show up with a large package at the post office without knowing what you will owe, here is how to calculate cubic feet before you ship.

Cubic Feet = Length x Width x Height (IN FEET, NOT INCHES!)

The mistake people usually make is measuring in inches, and forget to convert to feet.

One cubic inchi = 0.0005787037 cubic feet

If you want to convert the following measurement to cubic feet 12in x 26in x 26in you would take the product of 12x26x26 = 8112, then multiply by 0.0005787037 = 4.6 cubic feet. You would be over the limit for the USPS!

Benefits of Priority Mail Express

You can see the pricing gets complicated, and somewhat annoying. You may ask if it is completely necessary that they calculate pricing like this. Probably not, but they don't really care. Priority Mail Express does have some marketing benefits you should know about that are easy to understand:

  • Guaranteed delivery time of one to two days
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free package pickup
  • Tracking included
  • Sunday and holiday delivery available
  • Print and deliver a label for $1.25

Other Shipping Options

There are a number of other options that you can use the ship next day / 2 day. The best option is regular priority mail, not priority mail express. Priority Mail starts at $9.35 and delivers in 1-3 business days. If you are close to your shipping destination, most likely the shipment will get there at the same time anyway. You do get more piece of mind, the money back guarantee and all the other goodies with Priority Mail Express, but it does cost extra.

You can also look at prices from the UPS and Fedex, most likely these competitors will charge you more for next day delivery than the USPS will, but always check. One thing that you may find from a competitor is guaranteed delivery before a certain time the next day which is nice, and the USPS will not do.

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