February 13, 2023

What is the Meaning of Outgoing Call?

An outgoing call is a telephone call that originates from a device (softphone, cell phone) or landline phone and is directed towards another device or phone line.

How to Think About An Outgoing Call

An outgoing call refers to the call that is being made by the caller. The person receiving the call see the call as an incoming call. In the world of telecommunication, an outgoing call is a vital aspect of communication and is a primary feature of telephone systems and mobile devices.

The term “outgoing call” is used in contrast to an “incoming call”. Phone carriers may charge differently for an outgoing call vs an incoming call, and is the standard reference within the telecommunications industry to decipher how a call is seen in the telecom network.

How an Outgoing Call Shows Up on an iPhone

In the image below you can see that the screen shows an incoming call which in this case is a call from Sandy Gold. And the Outgoing Call is the call from the phone owner to Sandy Gold

Image Credit: OReilly

Definition: Incoming Call, Outgoing Call, Cancelled Call

To sumarize here are the different call states that you may see on your phone:

  • Incoming Call: A call you have received from someone else
  • Outgoing Call: A call you placed to someone else
  • Missed Call: An incoming call you received but did not answer
  • Cancelled Call: An outgoing call that you made to another person but you hung up the phone before the receiver was able to answer the call

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