January 30, 2023

efax vs hellofax

HelloFax and eFax are two of the world's most widely used online fax services. Both provide appealing, simple-to-use software for faxing documents from your desktop or mobile device. 

But which one meets your needs, and is there an even better alternative?

We'll cover everything from pricing structures to features so that, by the end of this blog post, you'll be well-informed about the best online fax service for your business.

Overview of eFax

eFax is an online fax service of J2 Global, Inc. that has provided virtual document exchange services since 1997. With eFax, users can digitally send and receive important documents such as medical records, customer contracts, and legal documents from anywhere in the world. It is widely used in various industries, thanks to its high-security measures that protect sensitive data online.

No matter where you are, eFax allows you to transport online documents quickly and securely, giving you peace of mind that your business's confidential information is safe.

Overview of HelloFax

HelloFax is owned by JN Projects Inc., which also owns HelloSign, an e-signature provider. The online fax service was founded in 2010 as a Y Combinator project and is based in San Francisco, California. HelloFax offers a virtual fax service that allows users to send and receive faxes from any device with an Internet connection.

HelloFax also integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, making storing your documents safely and securely easy.

Common Features of Online Fax Services


Here is a comprehensive guide to what kind of features you can expect from an online fax service and how both HelloFax and eFax compare.

Send and Receive Faxes

An online fax service allows you to send and receive faxes without using a fax machine. You can do this by logging in to your account on a computer. You can send faxes directly from your email client or word processing program if your software has the right plugins.

Scanning Capabilities

This enables you to convert paper documents into digital files that can be emailed or uploaded to an online storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. This means you don't need a scanner or a physical fax machine to send documents via fax. Instead, you only need an internet connection and a smartphone camera app. Also, it's worth noting that eFax is the only one with this feature. HelloFax only allows you to upload documents manually.

Electronic Signature

It allows you to secure any document with your electronic signature. The electronic signature feature will then record all the details about who signed and when so that you can easily track what documents have been signed and by whom.

This can be especially helpful if you use an online fax service in conjunction with a document management system like Box or DropBox. You'll be able to see all of the signed documents at once and open them directly from your computer or mobile device.

In addition to being convenient, this feature is also very secure. Your electronic signature will be encrypted on the server before being sent out and decrypted when received by other parties involved in the transaction—making it virtually impossible for anyone else to look at your documents without your permission.

Mobile Apps


If you like to work on the go, eFax, unlike Hellofax, has a dedicated mobile app. This enables you to send and receive faxes from your smartphone or tablet without needing to connect to a computer. It is available for download from the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The eFax mobile app is available for free. However, it only works when you have an active internet connection, so unless you've brought along a portable hotspot, don't expect to send or receive faxes while traveling in remote areas.

Toll-Free Number

Many businesses need a toll-free number, especially when they want their service available to customers in other states or countries.

For example, if you run a small business that has clients in multiple states, you may want to offer them access to your online fax services through a toll-free fax number. This will allow them to send documents easily without worrying about paying for long-distance calls or using up their minutes on their cell phone plans.

It also makes sense for companies with employees working remotely and needing access from home or another location where they don't have another phone line set up.

For example, you have an office manager who travels around the country visiting different branches but needs access back at headquarters whenever an important document needs to be signed. Then it makes sense for them not only to have access but also to be able to use it without having any additional fees added onto their bill each month for doing so.

File Storage


Both services offer unlimited storage options in the cloud, so choosing between eFax and HelloFax will depend on the file size limit that both are capable of.

eFax allows users to send documents up to 3 GB in size, making it perfect for larger files such as those associated with complex legal and financial paperwork.

HelloFax is more limited in size at 30 MB per file. This may be better suited for smaller businesses or individuals just getting started with online faxing.


Integration can be beneficial for businesses for several reasons. For example, if you use an email program like Thatch to manage emails from your customers, it would be useful to have the ability to send and receive faxes from them through that same program. This makes it easier for you to manage communications with your clients without switching between applications. It also makes it easier for your clients because they don't have to deal with downloading files or learning how to use new software.

Suppose you have a customer relationship management system. In that case, integration can help streamline communications between you and your clients by making it easier for them to upload documents directly into their accounts on your CRM system. This saves time because they don't have to go through different websites or programs to upload documents or communicate with each other via email or phone calls (which require separate software).

Customer Support

A good support system is essential because it allows you to communicate with the company to resolve any issues you may have or inquire about new features. This can be immensely beneficial for users unfamiliar with the technology, as they can get guidance from trained call center employees. And, of course, if there are any problems with the system itself, the customer support team can help you fix them.

Differences in Pricing of the Online Fax Services


Another significant difference between the two online fax services is the price. You can choose from different service levels based on your needs, but the bottom line is that the more pages of outgoing faxes and inbound faxes you have, the higher your monthly fee will be.

Costs of eFax

The cost of eFax is $18.95 per month, which allows you to receive and send 200 pages of faxes per month, with an additional cost of $0.10 per document if you exceed the monthly limit of pages.

It also has a one-time charge of $10.00 for the setup fees. The first 14 days are free, and there's no penalty for canceling your subscription before the end of that trial period. You can also pay by the year, at $189.50, which will give you 2 months for free, where you will save $37.90.

Costs of HelloFax

HelloFax offers different monthly plans, ranging from $9.99/month to $39.99/per month, depending on how many online faxing you need to process.

The lowest plan is the standard plan, which allows you to send up to 300 faxes a month for $9.99, and has a limit of up to five users. The next step up is the business plan, which allows you to send up to 500 faxes a month for $19.99.

The top tier plan is the Business Plus plan. This paid plan allows you to send up to 1,000 faxes for $39.99/month. This includes international coverage and integration capability with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office files, and more.

Pros and Cons of eFax and HelloFax


eFax Pros

Customer Support: Efax has a more reliable customer support team ready to help you anytime. The team can answer any questions about the service, whether about eFax's plans and pricing or how to use the system. You can contact them anytime via phone, email, or live chat.

Easier to Use: eFax is easier to use than Hellofax because it offers a more intuitive interface, which makes faxing more convenient. The system is also easier to navigate, making it possible for you to find the right document quickly. This means less time navigating menus and more time working on your project.

Mobile App: The mobile app allows you to connect your fax number to your account, which means that whenever you need to send a fax, you can do it right from your phone. You don't have to wait until you get home or to the office; you can do it right from where you are and get on with your day.

HIPAA Compliance: You can securely send medical records to doctors and other healthcare providers. Hellofax does not offer this type of compliance. Without HIPAA, you won't be able to send anything related to health or medical records. Faxing sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc., will also be impossible.

HelloFax Pros

Additional Storage Integrations: This allows you to integrate your online fax service with other storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can use these integrations to send and receive faxes from your computer or mobile phone without worrying about the file size.

More Affordable: HelloFax is significantly cheaper than eFax, which is perfect for small businesses and individuals on a budget. You can sign up for an account with HelloFax for $9.99 monthly. They also offer a free plan that enables you to send 5 pages per month.

No Set-up Fees: Unlike eFax, HelloFax doesn’t charge a setup fee. You can sign up immediately and get started with your online fax service.

Unlimited Online Storage: It allows you to upload and store as many files as you want without restrictions. This is a huge benefit if you have a lot of documents that need to be held in one place.

eFax Cons

Short Trial Period: eFax has a shorter trial period than Hellofax. eFax offers a 14-day free trial, while HelloFax provides a 30-day free trial. A shorter trial period makes it harder for you to evaluate the service before making a purchase. 

Limited Admin Controls: One of the limitations of this service is that one person cannot give permission to multiple users. If you work in a company with many employees who need access to their email, there might be problems.

HelloFax Cons

Limited International Fax Numbers: If you need to send many faxes overseas, you will have to pay extra for each one. This could be a problem because many customers use this service for business purposes. The cost of international faxing can add up quickly, especially if you must send several faxes daily.

Fewer Features: HelloFax is a great service, but it doesn't have some of the features that eFax offers. For example, eFax allows you to send faxes directly from your email account. It also has an online fax editor that lets you customize your faxes and ensure they're exactly what you want before sending them out to recipients.

Single Email Used for Fax Service: You can only use one email address for your online fax service, which means you can't have your work email and personal email connected simultaneously. 



Consider your business needs when deciding between the two online faxing services. Think about which features are a must-have, as well as your budget. This will assist you in determining which fax service is best for you. 

While eFax is a more established online fax service with a greater number of features, HelloFax is less expensive and integrates with a wide range of popular cloud-based apps. HelloFax is a great option if you only need to send an occasional fax and want to save money. 

However, if you need a more robust faxing service, Thatch has features neither eFax nor eFax offers.

  • A built-in communication system lets you keep a complete record of all your communications via email, phone, SMS, fax, and physical mail.
  • It also has a full-text search feature that allows you to perform a full-text search of all your documents and search your faxes just as easily as your emails.
  • Lastly, Thatch has an unlimited storage capability, so you can keep your faxes as long as you need.

If you need more guidance in choosing the best online fax service for your business or want to set up your company's online faxing system, contact us to get professional advice from our experts. We are happy to help you make the best decision for your business.

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