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February 21, 2023

How To Mail A Letter Online: Everything You Need to Know

Whether we like it or not, snail mail is here to stay. However, it has drawbacks, such as taking time out of your day to go to the post office or the threat of mail being lost.

Luckily, it's now very easy to draft business mail online, send it online, and still deliver it by mail service to its destination as a physical document.

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How do I Write A Letter Online?

The first thing you need to do is, of course, write the letter. Any word-processing software will work - Simply follow the normal format for writing a letter or business document.

However, once you're done, you will need to ensure that the document has been converted to PDF format.

Writing snail mail sent as certified mail is largely the same, with only a few extra steps. You just need to fill out a form stating that it is certified mail and pay the extra fee.

Choose Your Mail

Next, you will need to choose the type of mail you’re trying to send. Several options are available, but the four you are most likely to use are first class mail, priority mail, certified mail and registered mail. When you mail a letter through regular mail, it will most likely be sent first class mail. If you need extra services like mail tracking or fast delivery through priority mail, you should be good with first class in 90% of situations.

1. First Class Mail

This is lightweight mail that has been sealed. Normally including blank documents or typewritten or handwritten letters. The most common way to send mail.

2. Priority Mail

This is first-class mail that weighs more than eleven ounces but less than seventy pounds. There may be an additional fee in some cases.

3. Certified Mail

This provides you with a receipt and a record of delivery to prove that everything was done correctly

4. Registered Mail

Registered Mail is a way to send a letter with better security precautions and loss compensation.

This differs from certified mail because while certified mail will send you a receipt upon delivery, registered mail will provide updates for each step of the shipping and mailing process. It depends on you and the security concerns of your document. If you prefer, you may also use informed delivery.

Mailing your Letter Online

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After your PDF letter is ready to go, all you need to do is sign into your Virtual Mail service provider. Here is how the process works using Thatch:

  • Log into the Thatch dashboard. If it's a repeat mail, you can see your mailing history too.
  • You will need to tell us who the recipient is, or set your mailing list, and give us the mailing address. Choose between black-and-white or color. There is a small additional charge for color printing. Its the perfect mail solution for your business or personal needs whenver you need to send a letter.
  • After that, you will need to enter your payment details and any additional notes or instructions you want to include with your letter.

What Do I Do Next?

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Nothing! Once you have posted your letter online, we will forward the pdf copy, print it out, and create an official envelope with your desired mailing address and return address. Thatch will become one of your regular business aps for mailing documents once you mail a letter for your first time and see how easy it is.

Once we have made sure that it has received the proper postage, and fits any requirements you have provided, it will be sent to the post office or other mail services, where it can complete the final leg of its journey on snail mail. When we mail a letter all the tracking is available for you online in your account. We make it easy to send letters online.

You do not need to worry about having to buy stamps or travel all the way to the post office. We handle it all for you.

Benefits of Sending a Letter Online vs. Physical Mail

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The biggest benefit of sending a letter online is that it saves you time. Things such as bad weather, backlog, or lack of manpower, will only affect your important documents in their absolute final stages. No more stressing about deadlines.

It also takes away the risk of your letter getting lost or damaged. You do not need to worry about leaving your office to go and purchase stamps and other postage or worry that you’ve chosen suitable packaging. You can just focus on the important part - the content.

If you are worried about the confidentiality of your letter, it also has the benefit that your documents will pass through fewer hands and destinations. So it should stay perfectly intact until it reaches your destination. There are even special types of mail that you can specify to make your mail even more secure.

You also no longer have to worry about paying extra fees or the extra hassle of sending your mail overseas. You can access Thatch’s online site from anywhere in the world, so you can ensure that your important document arrives in its U.S. destination - Even if you are halfway around the world.

Mail Letter Online Questions, Answered

Are There Volume Discounts?

Yes! Typically if you send a lot of business mail our printing facility saves money by doing using less machine time for our folding machines, and we pass that on to you! A single letter can be sent for as little as $0.52 with standard class. You save trips to the post office, we save on printing time. We also take advantage of commercial volume discounts and utilize commercial postage meters to get the best prices with the postal service.

Can you Print Postcards Online?

We are working on postcards, there are the minimum requirements of a design component that we are working on. There is a difference between sending letters and postcards so we are working hard on this. We are trying to make this service the easiest way to send postcards and hope that will be available soon!

How Long Does it Take to Send a Letter Online?

Printing and mailing usually happens the same day, and depending on the distance and service level you choose for your mail will determine the time to the recipient. Thatch uses an intelligent mailing barcode to track even first class mail so we know how long it takes to get your letter delivered.

How do I get my document to you to send letters online?

Its super easy! Just upload a PDF of the document you have. You can scan in a physical document with your mobile device, or PDF a document on your computer. Once you have that ready, you can just hit upload and send instead of making extra trips to the post office.

How many pages can I send in one envelope?

Thatch uses a standard #10 envelope to send a letter. These envelopes can handle 6 pages single sided, or 12 pages double-sided (6 total). Anything more than that is 60 pages max (120 double sided) but that is a flat envelope with a surcharge.

Can I setup a free account to just to send snail mail?

Yes! You only get charged for the mail that you send. You can see our complete mail pricing here. We specialize in business mail but can send letters of any time. So sign up now to mail a letter today!

Do I need a return address when sending letters?

Yes, we currently require a return address with all of our online mailing services. If you want to send a letter through Thatch, you will need to add one or multiple return mailing addresses to your account.

Can I Mail Letters to a PO Box Address?

Yes! Mailing to anywhere in the US or internationally is part of what we do. We try to make it the easiest way to send mail, period.


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To simplify, all that you need to do to post your letter online is to - 

  • Write the letter (Understandably important)
  • Convert it to PDF format
  • Choose your mail class
  • Fill out the form online
  • Include the recipient's address
  • Include the return address
  • Choose whether you want your letter printed in color or black-and-white
  • Pay from our range of payment options
  • Wait for confirmation of your delivery

It may take time to familiarise yourself with the procedures involved in mailing documents online, but once you've mastered the process, you will save vast amounts of time and travel costs. And significantly reduce the risk of those important documents being waylaid or lost.

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