February 7, 2023

How to Cancel a Voicemail

You left a voicemail for someone and now you regret it.

Assuming you've already left this message and hung up, there is nothing you can do to stop that voicemail from going to the person you left it for, sorry.

If you happen to still be on the phone and have left a message, there are ways to cancel the message before you hang up!

Cancel the Message by Carrier

Assuming you want to leave a message, and be prepared to cancel it if you made a mistake thats actually pretty easy. Here are some short cuts for all the major carriers so that you can cancel your voicemail and re-record:

  • Verizon - Dial *P
  • T-Mobile - Dial #, then 3P
  • Sprint - Dial * or #, then 3P
  • AT&T - Dial *P

Wait for the System Prompt

Another way to cancel a voicemail while still on the phone is to wait without hanging up the phone. Most systems provide a prompt to cancel and re-record a voicemail or otherwise confirm and send a voicemail. Listen carefully.

Considerations Vefore Leaving any Voicemail

The best way to cancel a voicemail is to put yourself in a position to never having to leave a voicemail you intend to cancel. Consider the following whenever calling someone so not to be in that position:

  • Don't drink and call - drinking and "drunk dialing'" is the fastest way to a voicemail that needs cancelling
  • Dont leave voicemails - Its easier these days and preferred many times to hang up and send a text message. Many times you will even hear people telling you on their voicemail to send a text. Its sometimes seen as a common courtesy to not leave voicemails in this day and age
  • Rehearse your voicemail - Think and vocalize your voicemail before you pickup the phone. Assume that the person on hte other line isn't going to answer. Who still answers the phone anyway, there is more than 50% chance that you will be leaving a voicemail, so rehearse it!
  • Write it Down - Finally, you can write down what you want to say. This is a great way to convey just the points that you want to hit without getting off track

Think of voicemails like talking to someone in person. Once you say something and its out there, you can't take it back. Luckily if you are still on the phone and haven't disconnected the line yet, you can cancel it. But once you hang up, its over, its sent, for better or worse. So be careful what you say!

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